What is Holi Festival ? 20+ Happy Holi Messages, Holi Greeting, Holi Quote, Holi Wishes.

happy Holi wishes and Messages
Happy Holi Wishes, Quote Message

What is Holi:

First of all, Happy Holi to an Everyone, and now let’s begin, Holi is a Hindu’s Sanatani Festivals, which is represented to the Victory god truth over evil. And an every Hindu’s are celebrating this fastival with lots of Colour, Gulaal etc. It is great symbol of loves, joy and happiness. It is Indian festival.

According to ancient period beliefs, in ancient era of time there was a demon, named Harinyakashyap and had a son name of Prahalad. Hiranyakashipu was a tyrannical king who tortured his subjects every day and He had obtained many boons by doing penance of lord Brahma ji. And King Hiranyakashipu wanted to kill his sons because his son don’t pray to their father’s, he was great devotee of lord Vishnu . But hiranyakashipu didn’t like Lord Vishnu. So therefore he planned to kill his sons with the help of his sister, her name of Holika, and King Hiranyakashipu has sent his son over the Holika lap. And Holika taken prahlaad over the lap and sit on the fire. But after that, Holika got badly burnt and completely dead but prahlaad completely saved. Then from the start to celebrate Holi fastival and it is lots of means in hindu religion.

20+ Happy Holi 2023 Wishes, Messages and Free Quote:

1)Happy Holi to all and all of your Family

2)Always be Happy and you keep in Celebration

3) May the treasure of happiness come to your doorstep and may this festival of Holi bring lots of colors

4) This festival of Holi, comes once in a year, in which this world gets excited

best Holi Messages quote, Holi Status by Mega Million Show

5) Burn your Ego and Expectations and it will thought in the fire of Holi

6) on the auspicious of Holi, have a cheer full day and happiness and laughter with dear loves one.

7) Holi festival brings thousands of colors, just your smiling face again and again

8) Best wishes to you for a Holi filled with sweets moments and memories to cheris fir long. Happy Holi

Best Holi Wishes, Messages, Quote
Best Holi Wishes, Messages, Quote

9) May the festival of Colours, brings the brightness of colour to your life.

10) May your life always be filled with a colors of joy and happiness.

11) May the Splash of Color brings joy within your family. Have a grateful happy Holi to All.

12) Hope your life is frame with all the colors of loves and happiness.

13) Festival of Happy Holi brings a lots of Love in your Family and Friends

14) This sky is decorated with stars and this world is decorated with colors, Holi is the only festival in which this world gets colored.

15) Holi comes every year, still we are ready to wish every time.

16) Let’s throw out the colour in the air and renew our loves with bit a romentic color. Happy Holi

happy Holi wishes and Messages

17) I wish, Your life be like a Rainbow filled with colours of Love, Happiness and Joyful. Celebrating Happy Holi.

18) Let’s the Colour of Holi spread peace and Happiness.

19) Red pink color is swing, the sun’s ray is the spring of happiness in the world, the moonlight is the love of loved ones, Happy Holi festival to you

20) spring of colors
spray gun
shower of gulal
happy holi festival to you all.

Happy Holi 2023.

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