Mega Millions Result

Check out the winning numbers for the latest Mega Millions draws and find out if you’ve hit the biggest jackpot the US has to offer. Draws are conducted on Wednesday and Saturday mornings around 8:30 am IST and result results are announced here soon.

You can see all the prize categories here as well as the amount you can win by playing online, and also find out how much the top prize in this mega lottery was. Use the dropdown menu to find results for a different date or visit our Megamillionshow website pages for more information on the game.

Prizes are automatically paid into your online account and can then be withdrawn using the payment method you have chosen or they can be used to purchase entries for future draws. If you win a prize, you will be notified by email immediately after the draw. for top.

No tax is withheld on the prize you win. However, you may be liable to income tax depending on the value of the prize and your individual circumstances.

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